BorWin Gamma - Integration wastewater plant

b.offshore GmbH received the order for the planning and installation of a wastewater plant on the BorWin Gamma converter station from the grid operator TenneT in August 2021.

It was necessary to dismantle the already existing system and other necessary system components, as well as to completely reconstruct the piping, the foundation and the electrical connection. All necessary materials for this reconstruction were planned and provided by b.offshore. In addition to the system planning service, b.offshore also took over the static calculation of the new foundations, as well as parts of the platform.

The deinstallation of the existing system and the installation of the new wastewater system as well as the piping offshore was carried out by b.offshore GmbH. For the integration of the wastewater system, pipe connections made of GRP and stainless steel were used. The GRP piping was laminated by certified personnel from b.offshore. For the stainless steel pipe connections "State of Art" pressing system was used.