From the Baltic Sea and North Sea to Asia

At the beginning of the year, b.offshore GmbH looks back on the last almost thirteen months and dares to look ahead to the just started year 2019. On its own or with competent partner companies as in the main focus with the structural design engineers of JÖRSS - BLUNCK - ORDEMANN GmbH (JBO) b.offshore also faces big tasks relaxed. Already in 2018, after numerous success stories in the North and Baltic Seas, the North German company was able to set sail for Asia.

The welding work on DolWin Alpha & Gamma was completed by the end of the year in a well-rehearsed team with mh² offshore GmbH. The measurements of the connecting flanges of the so-called Transition Pieces and of concrete platforms at the manufacturers in Aalborg and Hoboken for the project HornsRev 3, planning, design and implementation of the new fuelling system for the offshore substation (OSS) in the offshore wind farm (OWF) alpha ventus are two further milestones for b.offshore in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. In 2018, the engineering office conducted a door-fan test for TenneT on the HelWin Beta and DolWin Gamma converter platforms. Construction supervision activities at the shipyard in St. Nazaire and commissioning work for the Arkona offshore substation (EOS), as well as construction manager in Zwijndrecht at Heerema for the areas LV, MV and HV equipment for the offshore substation (OSS) for the OWF Albatros, show the versatility of the offshore experienced team.

For the OWF Trianel wind farm Borkum II the electrotechnical workshop planning for the WTG foundations for the shipyard in Antwerp was developed. The previous basic design for the steel construction as well as the electrical equipment was realized together with the structural design engineers of JBO. Together with JBO, b.offshore was able now to also convince in Asia as a subcontractor. For the OWF Saemangeum in the Jeollabuk-do region of South Korea, the two companies jointly designed a three-legged foundation structure for 28 offshore wind turbines (3.6 megawatts) on behalf of Saemangeum Offshore Wind Power Co.Ltd.. Further Asian offshore wind power projects are currently in the pipeline. Also for these projects there will be a cooperation with JBO. b.offshore handles the realisation of its projects at sea. "We'll implement at sea what we plan ourselves. All employees have offshore qualifications according to the GWO standard," says Managing Director Thomas Pontow. "We see a positive future for b.offshore in 2019 and are counting on a strengthening domestic market and international orders with competent partner companies", Thomas Pontow continues.

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Impression DolWin Gamma mid December 2018. Copyright: b.offshore/TPontow