Industrial floor installation on the substation Wikinger

In the spring of 2019, b.offshore GmbH installed an industrial floor in the protection and control room as well as in the operating area of the 220-kV HV room on the OSS Wikinger. Despite bad weather conditions, the daily transfer of passengers and material from Sassnitz to the offshore construction site via CTV transport ship was successful.

As requested by the client, the occupational safety in the rooms was increased with the laying of the floor. The material used is an antistatic and electrostatic dissipative floor system (ESD). Microscopic steel wires in the individual tiles, the use of earthing foil and earthing kits ensure a permanent discharge capacity. Existing access hatches and transitions to other rooms had to be taken into account during installation and were cut out or marked accordingly in the new floor.

With the successful completion of the work, the b.offshore team was again able to demonstrate its versatility and adherence to delivery dates.