Numerous offshore deployments in 2020

With 2020 drawing to a close, it’s a good time to look back in review. "We had numerous very diverse offshore deployments this year", says b.offshore director Thomas Pontow, and highlights three particular projects.

  1. b.offshore started a multi-year contract for the electro-technical inspection and maintenance of the monopile structures in the offshore wind farm Merkur, together with mh² offshore GmbH. Throughout the summer b.offshore performed the first set of annually recurring inspections, which also includes minor repairs.
    Merkur offshore wind farm is located in the German North Sea, approx. 45 km north of the island Borkum, and consists of 66 wind turbine generators with an installed power of 6MW each.
  2. In Q3 2020 b.offshore was contracted by GE Grid GmbH to update the sanitary fresh water system on the offshore substation DolWin Gamma, part of the DolWin cluster.
    The contract included the installation of a back-wash filter into the existing piping system. Two sight glasses were also installed for visual inspections at the entry and exit of newly installed filter. Additionally, several manual water outlet taps were installed.
    In order to ease the installation on site in the very ramped space, new pipes were installed and connected Wavin Metal Press Fitting System. b.offshore designed the system update to meet DIN EN ISO 15748, TrinkwV & DVGW.
  3. During the last quarter of 2020 b.offshore was contracted by ELA Container Offshore GmbH to modify the black water system of the offshore substation Hohe See. The existing black water tank was enhanced with aeration, circulation and foam suppression systems. b.offshore also performed the integration of the electrotechnical components into the platform control system.
    The EnBW wind farms Hohe See and Albatros are a project in the German North sea, collecting the power from 87 wind turbine generators for a combined power of 610 MW.