WKP according to DIN VDE0105-100 of stationary electrical low-voltage systems

b.offshore GmbH will carry out for TenneT Offshore GmbH the periodic inspections in accordance with DIN VDE0105-100 for fixed low-voltage electrical systems and equipment for all offshore grid connection systems installed in the German North Sea (EEZ) from 2022, as part of a three-year maintenance contract. This contract also includes the associated onshore transformer stations, in addition to the offshore installations.

Our contractual services include recurring tests in accordance with DIN DVE 0105-100 of electrical systems and equipment, and in certain cases the required tests in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-600 as initial commissioning tests. Our services also include related preparation and follow-up work, as well as other project support services. One of the main focuses here is the creation and updating of an equipment database, in order to identify any changes or corrections to the systems.

b.offshore thanks the employer for the trust placed in us and the opportunity to once again demonstrate our versatility and adherence to deadlines.