Engineering Services

We develop projects and create added value together with long-term partners.

We are experts for your steel structure (foundations, substations and fixtures). From the design phase through project certification to production and commissioning we develop and supervise your construction projects. 

  • All employees in our company have an offshore suitability according to GWO standard.

We run through the entire technology for your substation: HVAC, supply and disposal systems, fire extinguishing systems, cranes, HSE devices, insulation systems and emergency power systems. 

We plan the electrical engineering for low and medium voltage technology, emergency power supply, platform communication, lightning protection and active corrosion protection systems. We create circuit diagrams and terminal diagrams, supervise the commissioning and do the final documentation.

We also develop individual service concepts for your substation. 

  • Lighting system and socket distributor
  • Fuel system
  • Ventilation technology
  • Cold water, fresh-cooling water and sea-cooling water
  • Offshore crane and gantry crane
  • Drinking water and sewage
  • Rainwater / Oil Separator
  • Corrosion Protecting System (ICCP)
  • Doors and mechanical closing device
  • Grout Monitoring
  • Davit Crane for rescue island, rescue devices
  • Lightning protection 
  • Deck cleaning system
  • Condensate system 
  • Marine radio / VHF emergency telephone
  • Compressed air supply
  • Grounding and potential equalization
  • Waste disposal
  • Insulation (fire protection / thermal insulation)  
  • Pressure relief flaps
  • Operational and radio masts
  • Windows, hatches, double floors, railings
  • Workshop equipment
  • Emergency power systems
  • 0,4kV auxiliary power-System
  • Emergency distribution
  • Batteries
  • Auxiliary power-transformer
  • Fire Alarm System
  • PA/GA / CCTV
  • Forrex extinguishing
  • Inert Gas System
  • Door Access System
  • 150kV GIS
  • 33kV GIS 
  • 150/33kV Transformer
  • 33kV starpoint generator
  • 33kV Petersen coil
  • 33kV compensating choke
  • 150kV cable
  • 33kV cable
  • 0,4kV cable

Steel Construction

Offshore is a challenge for every construction. It must not just resist the wind, but also the forces resulting from the waterflow and waves.  

Another part of the task is the management of the transport and logistics at sea and also the installation of the substation itself. 

Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering

All individual systems are adapted to the requirements "offshore". These requirements are not just based on wind and salt water but also on reliability, availability, repairability and maintainability. 

The whole system consisting of the wind turbines and the substation as well as the transmission network and the resulting interactions between the components are considered in the phase of design.