The operational management for wind parks can be significantly improved and optimized by retrofits.

We plan your reconstruction and develop proposals for optimization and realization.

We are able to inspect your facility - no matter where. Our experts examine the existing solution and if necessary take a measure.

  • All employees in our company have an offshore suitability according to GWO standard. 
  • International welding engineers (IWE).
  • NDT inspection VT2 Level.

We do the complete project management from the planning phase to the documentation as well as the verification through to approval.

We also support our customers during the installation and commissioning phase and coordinate the appropriate workflow so that the retrofit measures can be completed successfully.

Commissioning and retrofits on substations and wind energy plants

Examples for retrofits are the replacement of complete components, the reprogramming of software, the expansion and the modification of switch cabinets e.g. the extension of the ventilation duct network as well as the program expansion of the HVAC system. The technology is developing rapidly. To remain competitive in the future a system has to be adjusted over and over again - from steel construction through mechanical engineering to electrical engineering.