Delivery of a temporary power supply for the OWP Yunlin

b.offshore has recently been awarded a contract for the supply of a temporary power supply (TPS) system for offshore wind energy installation for the duration of the construction phase. The contract was awarded by Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd for the Taiwanese “Yunlin” offshore wind park, located approximately 8 km off the westcoast of Taiwan, boasting 80 wind turbines in the 8 MW class for a combined total of 640 MW. The water depth for the monopile foundations ranges from 8.5 m to 38 m.

The TPS, developed and detailed in house by the b.offshore engineering team, harvests solar energy to power dehumidification and PLC systems within the Transition Piece (TP) until the erection of the tower. The power requirements average at 4.2 kWh per day, with an expected daily yield averaging at 6.26 kWh. Any excess daytime power is stored in a battery bank of 440 Ah, to allow operations in less favourable conditions and at night.

The functionality was proven with a test facility in Northern Germany. Owing to this experience Yunneng Wind Power Co., Ltd has ordered b.offshore to complete the development and deliver 80 TPS systems. The prototype serves as an illustrative example for recording operating data and for optimization in other wind farms.