b.offshore takes over maintenance and troubleshooting of diesel generators

As part of a three-year maintenance contract, b.offshore GmbH will take over the maintenance and troubleshooting of diesel generators on the offshore substation of the wind farms Amrumbank, Nordsee Ost and Arkona Becken Südost for RWE Renewables GmbH from 2021.

The main task is the annual maintenance of the auxiliary diesel generators and the emergency diesel generators. In addition to the annual service, however, short-term troubleshooting on the diesel generators is also part of the framework agreement. The first service campaign has been carried out on the OSS Amrumbank in June 2021.

The service campaign started via CTV from the Helgoland service base on a daily basis. b.offshore has been supported by his expert partners of “Von Twistern Motoren- und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH” and “EMIS ELECTRICS GmbH”.